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Events and Excursions

Joining a club is about friendship and good company above all else. The AIWC encourages meeting new friends and deepening bonds over regularly scheduled coffees, annual events, as well as sightseeing and cultural excursions.

Scroll down for more information about our fun events like the photo treasure hunt, trivia night, tour of the jet d'eau; as well as our trips to Bern, Christmas markets, Italy or wherever else our members want to visit.

Annual Events

The AIWC has a long history of throwing exceptional parties, and annual events. Some of our favorites include:

  • Spring Luncheon
  • An International Thanksgiving,
  • A Fall Fundraiser. Past themes have been Oktoberfest, Eurovision, Fall-Fest (with line dancing) and this year dancing in Bollywood.
  • Christmas Party with caroling.

Other fun events

  • Trivia Night
  • Geneva Photo Treasure Hunt
  • Swiss National Day party
  • Escalade run


Club activities regularly involve organized excursions, ranging from comedy club outings, to dramatic productions, tours, cultural events, and gallery exhibits. There is always something to explore both in and out of the Geneva area, and we believe it is most fun to share these experiences with our members. Some of our more common excursions are:

  • Jet d'Eaux Machinery Room tour
  • United Nations and UN Garden tour
  • Trips to Strasbourg, Barcelona, Marrakesh, Milan and more.
  • Exhibits at Hermitage Foundation, Bodmer Museum,  Beyeler Foundation, Museum of Art and History and Ariana Museum.
  • Steam boat cruise on Lac Léman
  • Chocolate tours
  • Federal Palace in Bern tour
  • Tour of CERN's Hadron Collider while it's shut down for cleaning.

AIWC Clubrooms

Route de Chêne 11

1207 Geneva

Route de Chêne 11

1207 Geneva

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