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Even though times are tough right now and we are all experiencing "pandemic fatigue", there is always something to be thankful for. Let's use this space to engage in dialogue with each other and share those things. Perhaps it's a favorite quote, a funny story, or someone you know.

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Season of Thanks

  • Friday, November 27, 2020 12:01
    Reply # 9389528 on 9352432
    Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Being away from my family especially over the holidays is a tough one but then I see how others have had so much hardship and sadness that I know I am incredibly fortunate just to be healthy!  Then there are the silver linings such as my mother getting to be with her great grandchild every day as they are  sheltering in our house in Maine as my son-in-laws position at a university was postponed for a year due to Covid. My mother is in 7th heaven! My son learned that though he was stuck in Denver due to Covid, he got countless offers for Thanksgiving which I'm sure gave him a wonderful feeling of belonging in a new town.  I have also spent a lot more time with my mother-in-law as she is alone and have felt her fondness for me come through as she is, well, reserved. I have also reached out and been reached out to by friends that I have not been in touch with for a long time.  It is heartwarming .  I am also finally grateful that a vaccine is on the way!

  • Wednesday, November 11, 2020 10:23
    Reply # 9357190 on 9352432

    We cannot change the circumstances, however, we can change our attitude toward them. This helps me to get through another day. I think that to be grateful is very important. It can help us to raise when we feel down. It can help us to enjoy and feel thankful when we achieve something. Otherwise, we are just running to achieve other goals without feeling fulfilled inside. I am grateful for many things. The most important that we sometimes take for grant is that I and the close nucleus of my family are healthy. When we are physically and mentally healthy we can achieve all other things that we miss. I am also grateful that I can spend this and the previous lockdown with my husband and dog, without feeling the pressure that we are 24/7 together, enjoying good movies, homemade food, books and quality time. I know that unfortunately a lot of people need to stay closed in a not nice and healthy family environment.  And I am the most grateful that even in this situation, I can still help other people in many ways. 

  • Wednesday, November 11, 2020 08:12
    Reply # 9357078 on 9352432

    They say there is always a silver lining to every cloud. During this time of the pandemic, it may seem hard to find the silver lining, I realized that if we look deep enough, we can find a lot of silver linings. 
    I am most thankful for having gotten the opportunity to look within me and discover a whole lot of things that I never knew I could do. I have always been fond of art and color and it is now that I got a chance to take some art lessons online and am thoroughly enjoying painting in different styles. I had never thought I could paint, but this opportunity that came my way has opened new doors for me.

  • Tuesday, November 10, 2020 23:52
    Reply # 9356463 on 9352432
    Anonymous member (Administrator)

    I am thankful for music. And for those who hear that great vibration of the spheres in their head and write it down, composing everything from jingles, to rock songs, to symphonies. I am grateful for Spotify and the magic of losing myself in a long piece of music or set of songs. And lately I am very grateful for the band Van Halen, and the impossible musical talent that was Eddie Van Halen. Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

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  • Monday, November 09, 2020 11:19
    Message # 9352432
    Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Being away from family, especially this time of year, is so difficult. I am thankful for technology! Technology makes it possible to see the faces of my family and friends and not just have to rely on hearing their voice over the phone or waiting days for a letter to arrive in the mail. Technology can be risky, but it's a risk I'm willing to take to see my family and friends!!

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