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Health & Fitness

Healthy lifestyles and fitness are a large part of life in Geneva. What better way to get out and explore than with friends? We've got walking groups for all levels of fitness, yoga and mindfulness sessions, and winter excursions. 

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Friday Morning Hikes

This group walks for about two hours on Friday mornings throughout the year in the Geneva countryside, the canton of Vaud, and occasionally ventures further out for longer walks up to three hours. We make use of public transport for all walks. If you are looking to explore the canton of Geneva and surrounding area, this is the group for you.

Adventure Group

You never know what you might see or experience with the Adventure Hiking group. In the summer, we will head up high into the mountains while in the winter we'll stay down low exploring villages, cheese and chocolate factories and maybe a salt trail. In the autumn, we'll find colorful larch tree trails and in the spring seek out the apricot blossoms. The group goes on 3+ hour moderately paced hikes outside of Geneva canton, mostly requiring public transport. Accounting for travel, exploration and hiking times this requires an all day commitment.


Our intention is to make yoga accessible to everyone and to help you feel stronger, flexible and grounded in a safe and relaxed atmosphere.  Please wear comfortable clothing that allows your body to move freely, have bare feet and use a mat/non-slip surface.


This one hour Pilates class, is an effective full-body workout with body awareness, improving muscle strength, coordination & flexibility.  The focus is on coordinating breathing together with controlled movements.  This class is recommended for all levels.


The ancient exercises of Taichi-Qigong promote relaxation, reduce stress, and improve overall health and flexibility by harmonizing the body and mind. This class is tailored to all levels. We incorporate standing warm-up exercises; self-massage techniques for the face, palms, and feet; basic Tai Chi forms featuring slow, rhythmic movements coordinated with breathing; and lying-down Daoyin exercises, which are essential for having healthy back muscles and strengthening your spine.

Snow Group

Interested in skiing or snowshoeing? We welcome women of all abilities from beginner to advanced levels. Check the Calendar for dates and locations.


How many times have your found yourself anxious about the future or ruminating in the past this week?  Mindfulness is a practice of paying attention to everything within our mind and body's experience. Developing a personal mindfulness practice can be enriching especially when we share the experience as a group.

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